Contacting Admissions

Admissions is dedicated to serving our future, current, and former students. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and efficient service, and to maintaining the integrity of all student academic records as the college seeks to meet the higher educational needs of the community.

Enrollment Specialist Distribution List

Staff Member Alphabet Caseload Phone Extension Campus/Location
Christopher Burns  (C,O,Q,R)  901-333-5866 Union Avenue Campus 
Sonya Effinger   (A,H, MA, MD)   901-333-5328 Maxine A. Smith Center
Andrea Jordan  (F,J,T)  901-333-4983 Macon Avenue Campus
Joseph Morris  (X,Y,Z)  Front Desk  Union Avenue Campus 
Johnice Mottley   (I,S)   901-333-4782 Macon Avenue Campus
Cortez Nunley   (G,L)   901-333-6012 Macon Avenue Campus
Quinton Russell   (B,N)   901-333-4800 Macon Avenue Campus
Kelia Searcy  (D,P,V)  901-333-5771 Union Avenue Campus 
Felecia Starnes  (Transfers) 901-333-4019 Macon Avenue Campus
Elizabeth Weaver   (E,K,ME,MY) 901-333-5811 Union Avenue Campus 
Sedaria Williams Dual Enrollment 901-333-4251 Macon Avenue Campus
Elinda Wilson   (U,W)   901-333-5111 Union Avenue Campus 


Phone: (901) 333-5924
Admissions Documents: (901) 333-4473
Macon Cove Campus (901) 333-4473
Union Avenue Campus (901) 333-5630


Macon Cove Campus
Farris Building, Room 2140
5983 Macon Cove
Memphis, TN 38134

Union Avenue Campus
M Building, Room 110
737 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103

Mailing address

Admissions and Records Office
Southwest Tennessee Community College
P.O. Box 780
Memphis, TN 38101-0780