Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning admissions are listed below. If you still need assistance, contact Admissions.

Can my school fax my high school transcript or GED results?

No. In order for the admissions file to be complete, students are required to have official high school transcripts (or official GED results) sent directly from the school. The student may hand deliver the high school transcript (or official GED results) in a sealed envelope, and it will be considered official.

Partial high school transcripts. Applicants who are currently in high school and have not graduated can submit unofficial, partial transcripts in order to be granted conditional acceptance.  You will be required to have your high school send your official transcript once you graduate.  You can upload the document to the admissions documents/forms upload page.

Why do I have to submit a High School transcript or GED transcript when I have already attended college?

Every school is required to have copies of certain documents on file. We are verifying that you graduated from high school or that you passed the GED test and these documents become part of your official record here at Southwest. Additionally, some federal financial aid regulations require the high school transcript to be on file.

How do I apply for admissions?

Select the "Apply Now" button located in the top right hand corner of the Southwest website to view information related to admissions. Remember to choose the type of student checklist that best fits you from the admissions checklists.

Can I get academic credit removed from my transcript?

No, once the credit becomes a part of your academic record at Southwest, it cannot be removed.

I am a first time student and I want to submit my admissions documents can you tell me what they are?

Most admissions documents can be uploaded to the Admissions Documents/Forms Upload page.

New first-time freshmen students are required to submit:

  • Official high school or GED/HiSet transcript, ACT scores within the last 5 years (for placement purposes), the immunization health history form (if you’re under 18 years old), proof of citizenship, and complete the new student orientation (NSO) – online or on-site.
  • If no test scores are available, the student needs to schedule to take the ACCUPLACER placement test through Testing.

New transfer students are required to submit:

  • High school transcript or GED/HiSet results, ACT scores within the last 5 years (for placement purposes), the immunization health history form (if you’re under 18 years old), proof of citizenship, and complete the new student orientation (NSO)—online or on-site.

International students are required to submit the following additional items:

  • Immunization health history form (if you’re under 18 years old)
  • Immunization Proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), and Varicella (Chickenpox)
  • TB Tine Certification of Freedom from Tuberculosis. All international non-immigrant students applying for admission pursuant to a student visa shall submit within thirty (30) days from the first day of classes a certificate from a licensed physician or other qualified medical authority verifying freedom from tuberculosis.
  • Submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores if the applicant's native language is not English. A TOEFL score of 500 pencil-based test or 173 computer-based test or an Internet-based score of 61 along with the current paper/pencil and computer-based scores is required. Test results may be used in place of TOEFL. The college code is 1751. Visit the TOEFL website to schedule a test.

Why do returning students, who have not attended in one regular semester have to complete a readmissions application?

Records of students who have not enrolled will be inactivated after one semester.  A new application for admission letting us know that you intend to re-enroll is required in order for the record to be reactivated.  Any changes since your last enrollment at Southwest will need to be updated in our database.  The application usually takes five (5) to seven (7) days to process before you are eligible to register.

How can I check the status of my admission application?

All students are required to create a student portal called My.Southwest. It is through your student portal that you can view the admission application status, financial aid status, advising services, and other Southwest services.

Why do I need to turn in college transcripts?

The transcript from your prior college will be evaluated to determine whether you need to retake classes or whether you have met the prerequisite(s) for the course(s) you are interested in registering for. Additionally, financial aid is required to document all prior college enrollments.

Do you have to have a certain GPA to attend Southwest?

No. Southwest is an open-admission institution; meaning there is no minimum GPA or test score requirement. Test scores will be used to determine which classes first-time freshmen are eligible to enroll. The college transcript will be evaluated to determine which classes can be transferred, and in which classes transfer students can enroll.

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