Transfer Programs

Tennessee Transfer Pathway

With the Tennessee Transfer programs, you can begin your college studies at a community college or similar two-year program and earn an associate degree. Your credits will transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at any public university and many private universities in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Transfer Pathway guides you through the courses you need to help maximize your credit transfer while preparing you to transfer seamlessly to a four-year institution offering the junior/senior level courses.

Learn more about the Tennessee Transfer Pathway (TTP) program.

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College Transfer Equivalencies

Tennessee Board of Regents Institutions and Local College(s) and Universities

Students who plan to transfer to other Tennessee Board of Regents Institutions and local College(s) and Universities may review Equivalency Tables and/or Articulation Agreements below. These documents give a logical map to show what courses a student on these pathways would take.

Students who need assistance with transfer issues may contact advisors in their University Parallel Program or the Advising staff. If you have any additional questions, please call 901-333-4594.