Advanced Integrated Industrial Technology

The Advanced Integrated Industrial Technology (AIIT) designed to prepare graduates for many different careers related to manufacturing with an emphasis on technology, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students will take courses in the basic fundamentals of industrial maintenance and move on to very advanced applications including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Robot Operations and Conveyor Support Systems.

This program consists of a two-year associate degree and 2 one-year technical certificates. It is designed primarily to train maintenance technicians in the fields of manufacturing, industrial process control, distribution, warehousing, and transportation. Students can also request a prior learning assessment of their college-level coursework and industrial experience. This can reduce the number of courses that students are required to take for the associate degree or technical certificate.

The program utilizes state-of-the-art online Amatrol® e-Learning training along with hands-on training with industrial-grade laboratory equipment. Student learning outcomes were specifically designed to satisfy the needs of local industries. Students will gain skills in areas such as pneumatics, hydraulics, piping, mechanical drive components, electrical machinery, power distribution, instrumentation, industrial process control, quality control, statistical process control, preventive maintenance, and programmable logic controllers utilizing PLCs from Allen-Bradley® and Siemens®.

Special emphasis is always placed on workplace safety and industry best-practices. Students pursuing the two-year associate degree will take 60 credit hours of coursework. Technical certificate students will take 18 or 19 credit hours of coursework. All of the coursework in the technical certificate program is also part of the associate degree program so students may get the technical certificate and then take a few more classes to receive the associate degree

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Contact Information

Program Coordinator: Christopher E. Rogers
Phone: 901-333-4143
Location: Macon Cove Campus Fulton Building, Room 111A

Secretary: Bernice Neal
Phone: 901-333-4150
Fax: 901-333-4496
Location: Macon Cove Campus Fulton Building, Room 310

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