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Alumnus of the Year

Announcement: The Southwest Alumni Association is currently seeking nominations for the Alumnus of the Year award. You can nominate someone by completing a Nomination Form.

The purpose of the Southwest Tennessee Alumni Association is to promote interest in the general welfare of the college, its student body, faculty and staff and promote the college in business and industrial circles and other areas of potential growth.

Specific activities that support the purpose include:

  • Forming a network for dispensing information about jobs and career opportunities.
  • Helping recruit students for Southwest.
  • Serving as an "information bank" about jobs for Southwest students.
  • Providing scholarships for Southwest students and/or other fundraising activities.
  • Helping track alumni and keeping alumni records up to date.

All graduates and students-former and current are eligible for membership. All members will receive the Southwest Alumni News, a biannual newsletter that focuses on Southwest and graduates of Southwest.

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For more information about Alumni Association, contact the Alumni Office at 901-333-4997.