Tutoring at the Academic Support Center (ASC)

UPDATE: During this period of online course delivery, the Academic Support Center (ASC) has transitioned its tutoring and mentoring services online. Please read the below updates and how you can STILL receive support from the ASC.


For tutoring help, the ASC has a few different options:

  • Make an appointment through TutorTrac, then check your email or calendar to join your tutoring sessioin via Microsoft Teams. The time of the session will be the time you booked your appointment.
  • Sign into PAWS and check the Resources for a complete list of tutors and subjects by email. Contact your tutor by email for tutoring.
  • Students may email ASC@southwest.tn.edu and WritingTutor@southwest.tn.edu to receive online tutoring via email.
  • Students may log into PAWS and select “self-register” under “Self-Registration Courses” on the right side of the main page to enroll in the ASC’s two PAWS sites: “ASC Math Workshop” and “ASC Writing, Literature, Reading, or Spanish Online Tutoring.” Students can upload assignments to receive feedback.
  • Students may also use Smarthinking which is accessible in every PAWS site. Links to Smarthinking are on the main page of each course page. By signing into PAWS and selecting your course, students can access up to 24/7 tutoring.

Be aware that all of these options require time for tutors to respond. Please plan ahead and check out the tutoring options available. Finally, if there are any questions, please email ASC@southwest.tn.edu or call 901.333.4107.

SMARTS Mentoring:

Students should remain in contact with their SMARTS mentor. For any other questions or concerns, please email SMARTS@southwest.tn.edu or call 901-333-4945.

Tutoring is available to all currently enrolled students at Southwest. There is no charge for this service. Content area tutoring is available in most of the core curriculum courses in English and Mathematics, as well as Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering Technology, Information Technology, Physics, and Spanish. More specific information can be obtained by calling the various ASC locations or consulting the online schedule through TutorTrac.

College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)-International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC)

The ASC's tutor training program is awarded master peer tutor certification through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)-International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) (opens new window).