Phase II - FALL 2020

Timeline and activities described below are contingent upon health and safety guidelines and current pandemic conditions and are subject to change.

The Back to Campus Plan will allow face-to-face instruction and assessment to resume for students to complete lab-based career and technical courses. Southwest will continue to offer non-career and technical courses without a lab component, as well as other services, will continue to be offered online or remotely as much as possible. Please be advised that only classes approved for on-campus instruction during Phase II may meet in person. Faculty may direct questions to his or her respective Dean.

Course Formats

There will be two options for students in the Back to Campus Plan - Phase II. For option 1, students will engage in face-to-face instruction sessions that may be available when the College resumes regular operations. For students who chose not to attend face-to-face instructions, a digital twin of the courses will be developed. The digital twin will enable the same class to be viewed in real-time online. Students can then make appointments to complete the face-to-face portions in staggered labs or other alternatives. The College's grading policy regarding incompletes will be instituted when appropriate and necessary.

Southwest will follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines regarding group size, social distancing and hygiene protocols for all face-to-face activities.

The courses/programs/departments for the Back to Campus Plan fall into three (3) categories until further notice:


Category 0: Courses/programs that do not require time or access on campus and can be taught 100% online.

Category 1: Courses/programs that require minimal hours on campus in the laboratories/clinics (includes CTE courses to complete spring and new summer courses).

Category 2: Courses/programs that require significant time on campus, significant hands- on or patient learning, and significant PPE. The risk of COVID transmission is higher in these courses/programs.

Courses/Programs/Departments Cat 0 Cat 1 Cat 2 Proposed Plan
Allied Health   X    
Humanities,Social Sciences, and
Business and Technologies   X    
Workforce   X    

Proposed plans for completion from respective courses/programs/departments are being developed.

  • Fall 2020 courses will begin and end as scheduled at this time.

All face-to-face instruction under this protocol will occur at designated campus locations. The Deans/Chairs or designee will coordinate scheduling among various programs to ensure small group separation at all times while on campus.

At no time shall groups be larger than 10 people, including both students and faculty. Multiple groups of 10 or less will be allowed in designated buildings, but will be sectioned off within the building to avoid interaction between or among groups. The Dean/Chair will coordinate approved work areas based upon instructional needs and available space.

Start and end times will be coordinated among the Dean or designee, Department Chair/ and Lead Faculty to accommodate instructional needs. Attempts to stagger start and end times will be made to avoid multiple sections arriving at the building at the same time. Lead faculty and instructors will be required to strictly adhere to assigned times.

Any requests for changes must be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled day and sent to the Dean or designee, and/or Department Chair of the respective area.

Southwest Back to Campus Operational Levels