Phase III - Spring and Summer 2021

Timeline and activities described below are contingent upon health and safety guidelines and current pandemic conditions and are subject to change.

On-site Locations:
Phase III Guidelines:

Includes Phase I and Phase II activities, along with the following:

  • Hybrid classes that blend online learning with face-to-face instruction at Macon Cove and Union Avenue campuses are offered. In a hybrid course, a significant part of the course learning is online and as a result, the amount of classroom time is reduced, but not eliminated. This allows coursework to be scheduled flexibly, promotes independent learning and decreases time spent commuting.  This classes will be denoted in the schedule as having Microsoft TEAMS or Zoom as their lecture meeting locations.
  • Library, cafeteria and bookstore services resume.
  • College prepares for full, unrestricted opening in Fall 2021.

Activities during this phase are subject to change in response to pandemic developments. Stay tuned to the College’s Back to Campus website for news and updates.

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