Southwest offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Biotechnology Technician or Biotechnology Forensic Science Technician concentration.

Biotechnology Technician Program

The Biotechnology Technician program trains students for work in medical, industrial, or agricultural research. The program is designed to give hands-on practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge in a variety of laboratory procedures. During the final semester, students will complete an internship at a local institution, hospital or business.

Forensic Science Technician Concentration

The Biotechnology Forensic Science Technician Concentration provides students with the biotechnology and forensic skills necessary for working in a federal, state, local or private criminal investigation laboratory. The core program consists of intensive laboratory based courses, culminating in an internship.

Degree Information

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Contact Information

Biotechnology Coordinator: Dr. Amy Waddell
Location: Union Avenue Campus Nursing, Natural Sciences, and Biotechnology Building, Room 312
Phone: 901-333-5224

Forensics Coordinator: Dr. Juliann Waits
Location: Union Avenue Campus M Building, Room 318
Phone: 901-333-5226

Secretary: Ora Harris
Phone: 901-333-5220

Biotechnology Student