Need Accommodations?

Registration Process

Student obligations in the registration process are listed below:

  1. Please contact the Center for Access (Disability Services) office to schedule a Registration Meeting at (901) 333-4223/(901)333-5523 or email:
    Note: For students who are registered for online courses, please contact the Center for Access (Disability Services) to discuss how the registration meeting might be facilitated.
  2. Participate in the Registration Meeting with Director and Staff to discuss disability/medical information for accommodation needs.
  3. Present documentation of disability or medical condition that supports each accommodation requested. Discussion of types of accommodations will be stated in the registration meeting. Send documentation to Fax Documentation to (901) 333-4116.
  4. After the documentation is reviewed, the Center for Access (Disability Services) will notify the student for a meeting.
  5. Once the registration meeting is complete, the student will be ready to request the use of accommodations.