Kronos Operation for Non-Exempt Employees Pandemic Preparedness Plan Level 2.5

Southwest has elevated the Pandemic Preparedness Plan response to Level 2.5, which means that operations will be all online until the end of the current semester, pending any new developments with the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The following Kronos protocols are in effect for part-time and full-time hourly or non-exempt employees while the College operates at Level 2.5:

Weekly hours paid will be as follows:

  • Part-time: 25 hours per week
  • Full-time: 37.5 hours per week

No Kronos entry is necessary:

  • Part-time employee hours will be automatically uploaded to Kronos;
  • Full-time employees will be paid their scheduled 37.5 hours per week from Banner, hours will not be seen in Kronos.

For the March 31 paycheck:

  • Full-time employees will be paid for 37.5 hours per week (leave without pay previously reported for March 1-March 15 will be deducted, if applicable)
  • Part-time employees will be paid for hours worked March 1-March 15, as reported in Kronos

Through the end of the semester:

Part-time employees will be paid for 25 hours per week, less any days reported by supervisor as not worked, and

Full-time employees will be paid for 37.5 hours per week (leave or leave without pay will be reported by supervisors in Kronos)

  • All employees must report time off to their supervisor.
  • Supervisors and/or their department heads have responsibility to manually enter sick leave, annual leave or reduced time for days not worked into Kronos. All supervisors and/or department heads have access to Kronos.
  • Supervisors must continue to approve time in Kronos for each pay period within two business days of the close of each pay cycle.
  • Previously scheduled leave, time off or FMLA approved in Kronos will be recorded as submitted. Cancellations of these requests must be discussed with your supervisor.

Below are a few examples:

  • Joe Smith is a part-time, hourly employee. Joe gets sick and misses the day. Because Joe is not a benefits eligible employee he does not have any sick time to use. The day Joe was sick and not able to work would be recorded in Kronos. The system has Joe set-up to be paid 25 hours, however, Joe’s supervisor will need to deduct 5 hours from the day he was sick and unable to work.
  • Tina Smith is a full-time, on-site hourly employee. Tina takes a leave day on March 24, 2020, missing the entire day. The 7.5 hours of Tina’s leave will be recorded in Kronos by her supervisor and Tina’s pay for that week should reflect 7.5 hours of leave or leave without pay and 30 hours of regular pay.

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This is a changing situation and further updates and/or instructions may be necessary.