Southwest Tennessee Community College Annual Fund
Investing in Tomorrow's Students Today


You are the cornerstone of the Southwest Tennessee Community College Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund is driven by the benevolence of our Southwest family members. The collective support of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty and staff has generated much-needed funds for some of the College's most critical needs:

  • scholarship opportunities for students
  • vital classroom equipment
  • funding for innovative academic initiatives and curriculum development
  • special projects
  • and much, much more
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Monies donated to this fund go the greatest needs of the college. When you donate to unrestricted, you allow Southwest the flexibility of meeting immediate student needs such as tuition, books or programs. In the past, unrestricted dollars have been used for dual enrollment students, international student support and capital projects. Your support of the unrestricted fund is critical to ensure the dollars are there when the need is greatest.

In an effort to increase retention and graduation efforts, the Foundation announces the following new funds. These funds are specifically designed for Southwest Tennessee Community College students, faculty and staff. Full scholarship details can be found on the scholarship website.

[Full-Time College Ready Scholarships] [Complete College] [Disadvantaged/At-Risk Student Scholarships] [Foundation Book Scholarship] [Innovation Fund]

Full-Time College Ready Scholarships

This scholarship is designed for college-ready students and returning adults or freshmen may apply. Applicant must not require any developmental classes, and all applicants must present a plan of completion that demonstrates a graduation date of no less than three years from the start date. All applicants must agree to work with an advisor and a coach throughout their academic career, and must be full-time students. Preference will be given to students receiving no other financial aid.

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Disadvantaged/At-Risk Student Scholarships

This scholarship is designed for applicants who qualify as financially disadvantaged, i.e. must demonstrate financial need (maximum family income must not exceed 80 percent of the HUD median family income for the Memphis Metropolitan Area for 2009. Income must not exceed $46,240.00) or classified as at-risk, i.e. first generation, underprepared students (those with low ACT scores), adult learners, males, veterans, etc.  Applicants may be currently enrolled in developmental courses, and must agree to work with an advisor and a coach throughout their academic career.

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Foundation Book Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for the Full-time or part-time degree/certificate-seeking student and priority will be given to those who are within 24 hours of completion of a degree or certificate program. Financial aid recipients are acceptable; however, financial aid recipients must not receive more than $300 back in grant refunds.

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Innovation Fund

This fund is designed to improve academic processes and procedures, student services, etc. and enhance innovative and creative thought processes and ideas. Projects should tie into overall college goals and outcomes.

This year we need your help more than ever. As the cost of education continues to rise, your support will help keep tuition costs down for our current and future students. Your gift will provide crucial funding that is needed to continue the exceptional teaching, research and outreach programs essential to our mission. Gifts made through the Annual Giving program may be directed to any number of areas within the College including support for specific colleges, departments or programs.

No matter what its size, every contribution is important. Your gifts help make Southwest one of the best community colleges in the nation. You allow us to think big and achieve lofty goals.

We hope that you will make your gift today and create a lasting connection with Southwest. Your support is needed and greatly appreciated!

Thanks for everything YOU do for Southwest Tennessee Community College!