Honors Academy

Honors Academy

The goal of the Honors Academy at Southwest is to ensure the best possible education for students who wish to pursue educational enrichment both in and out of the classroom. Our program highlights academic achievement and creative talent, provides educational opportunities for exceptional students, and continuously works toward raising the intellectual and cultural climate of the college community. The program is designed to provide rigorous academic engagement that challenges students to perform at the upper limits of their abilities. Honors is especially directed toward students who want more out of college than mere grades. Using eclectic, student centered approaches to teaching and learning, students and faculty explore significant issues and scholarly activities both on and off campus. Study, travel and community service are integral parts of both the program and course offerings. The development of exceptional leadership, inquiry, and thinking skills in students is a primary purpose of the program. Emphasizing team teaching, interdisciplinary themes, original documents, critical thinking, and creatively researched assignments, all course offerings meet general education, major area, or elective credit criteria.

The Honors Advantage

Participation in the Honors Academy creates a variety of benefits:

  • Honors diploma
  • Service learning and civic engagement
  • Study and research abroad opportunities
  • Travel to other two- and four-year colleges
  • Participation in local, state, regional, and national conferences
  • Interaction with dynamic, diverse peers from colleges throughout the region
  • Special study environments
  • Opportunities to collaborate with community leaders

The Honors Academy furthers the institutional goal of serving a diverse student body and also providing opportunities for students to work toward the betterment of their communities while preparing themselves for the future.