Assessment: Academic Program Reviews and Audits

Southwest Tennessee Community College is committed to the continual evaluation and improvement of degree programs. Southwest programs conduct both internal and external evaluations to ensure programs meet the needs of students, faculty and community.

Academic Program Reviews (APR) are internal reviews that provide evidence-based systemic evaluations of each of  degree program on a three year rotating schedule. APRs helps Southwest Tennessee Community College identify the changing needs of the students, faculty, and the community it serves. These reviews are conducted in a collaboration between department chairs, coordinators, and faculty.

Tennessee Board of Regents Academic Audits are a portion of the Quality Assurance Funding Model. The process is a faculty lead and peer reviewed approach that focus on how faculty members and departments/programs approach educational decision-making  and how they organize their work, use the resources available to them and work collegially to provide a quality education.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates the review process through the Campus Labs platform and provides guidance to promote continuous improvement.

APR & Audit Leadership

Selena Y. Grimes
Executive Director, Planning and Administrative Services

Carlos D. Smith
Director, IE