Institutional Planning: Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process at Southwest Tennessee Community College is a year-long collaborative effort that engages faculty, students, and staff in discussions intended to shape the future direction of Southwest Tennessee Community College.

The current Focus 2020 plan focuses on student success by building institutional capacity in seven areas: (1) Teaching and Learning; (2) Leadership and Vision; (3) Data and Technology; (4) Engagement and Communication; (5) Equity; (6) Policies and Procedures, and (7) Strategy and Planning. Southwest five year implementation teams are hard at work turning strategic thoughts into operational actions to meet the 2020 goals.

Planning for the Focus 2025 plan will launch in Fall of 2019. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is fundamentally committee to a Focus 2025 planning process that is transparent, engaging, and collaborative. Throughout the process, updates will be shared here on the website.

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