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Our History

State Technical Institute at Memphis and Shelby State Community College consolidated in 2000; as a result, the InfoNet Library came into existence.


We maintain (5) facilities for student, faculty, and staff use: (2) campus locations: Bert Bornblum Library and Jess Parrish Library and (3) Centers: Gill Library, Maxine Smith Library, and Whitehaven Center Library.
Our hours are flexible to meet our customers’ needs during the regular semester with traditional and virtual services. Our website averages 135,000+ visits annually, opening doors to numerous print and electronic items onsite and remotely.

Our staff consists of dedicated individuals possessing the customer service and technical skills necessary to assist customers on how to access and use our vast resources effectively. The librarians have advanced degrees from ALA-accredited institutions and work closely with faculty to solicit recommendations and suggestions to support their curriculum needs and maintain a balanced collection. Partnerships exist with area colleges with privileges to borrow or use resources on site. Some of our services include intra-campus transports of requested items for checkout, maintaining selected reserve textbooks for onsite use, provide library instruction sessions (traditional and online), embedded librarian support in all online courses, and more.

Our Future

We will continue to embrace technology and develop new practices to remain relevant while practicing our traditional purpose of providing an environment conducive to learning.

The future is bright, as outlined in our Mission. The InfoNet Library will address the top academic challenges for students by promoting academic success through instruction and viable resources to support the curriculum, and by continuously focusing our attention on providing innovative services to our diverse clientele while conveying knowledge and confidence with a competent and professional staff.