Access Code and Book Scholarship

The SMARTS/SSPAL scholarship is not available at this time. If you need assistance with books, please visit the Student Book Scholarship page or contact the Southwest Foundation Office at (901) 333-4997.

Saluqi Success Pathway for Adult Learners


  • Be a SMARTS Mentee
  • Must be an Adult Learner (Preference given to TN Reconnect Recipients)
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Must not be already awarded by the Foundation or have a Book Allowance

Award Amount

  • Access Code Scholarship – up to $140.00
  • Textbook Scholarship – up to $250.00. No refunds will be offered to students directly. Textbooks costs only, up to $250.00 will be covered. If a student needs $150 in textbook scholarship dollars, they would only be awarded the amount needed.

Recipients could be awarded up to $390 (Access Code + Textbook Scholarship)

Application and Selection Process:

SMARTS mentor will fill out the recommendation form below as a recommendation for their mentee to receive the Access Code and/or Book Scholarship, with an approval from the Executive Director of R&SS (or designee) and an Academic Dean as supporting documentation.