Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA)

This page contains various documents and forms used by TECTA.

Note: All documents are Adobe PDFs and require Adobe Reader. Fillable PDF forms can be completed online, printed, saved, and edited.


Fall 2018 Packet, packet contains:

  • Instructional Letter
  • Orientation Enrollment Request
  • Orientation Schedule

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Tuition Assistance

Child Development Associate (CDA)

Note: Both packets contain a Instructions/Checklist, Application for Academic Financial Support, Student Information Form, and Student Request to Share Information.

Early Childhood Education

Fall 2018 Degree Seeking Students (Southwest) (Size: 2 MB), packet contains:

  • Tuition Assistance Check List for Degree Seeking Students
  • Application for Academic Financial Support
  • Student Information Form
  • Student Request to Share Information

Fall 2018 Degree Seeking Students (University of Memphis) (Size: 2 MB)

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Tennessee Early Childhood Program Administrator Credential (TECPAC)

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